An extended wallet for the Phantasma blockchain. Features built in NFT sales for games/dApps on Phantasma and an NFT marketplace.


A minimalistic wallet supporting both Phantasma and NEO chains. Supports dual Neo and Phantasma public addresses from a single private key, provides all basic functionality with easy swapping, staking and transactions.


Phantom video - Getting started

A video guide for installing and setting up Phantom Wallet and storing your private keys securely.

Phantom video - Buying NFTs

A video guide showing how easy it is to buy your NFTs using Phantom Wallet.

Phantom written - Installation

A complete written guide covering how to download and install the Phantom Wallet.

Phantom written - Buying NFTs

A written guide covering how to use Phantom Wallet for GOATiā€™s 22 Racing Series NFT presale.

Phantom written - Basic functions

A thorough written guide covering how to create a wallet, swap tokens and general usage of Phantom Wallet.

Poltergeist video - User guide

A video guide covering all the basic functions of Poltergeist.

Poltergeist video - NFT shopping

This video guide shows you how you can use Poltergeist through the Phantasma Link dApp connector to buy NFTs.

Poltergeist written - User guide

A written guide explaining how to create wallets, swap and stake with Poltergeist.