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Everything You Need to Write About Phantasma

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  • Blockchain Built From the Ground Up

  • Extremely Fast and Inexpensive NFT Minting

  • Tri-Chain Interoperability – Mainnet – ETH – NEO

  • Native Oracles For Powerful DeFi Applications

  • Infinite Scalability With Sidechains

  • Decentralized Storage For True Dapps

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We had a very clear set of goals for our economy in 22 Racing Series; We needed a solution that could mint NFTs fast, efficiently, offer creative flexibility and do it frictionlessly. Phantasma Chain is that solution.

Garth Midgley

Creator of 22 Racing Series

Some Brands We Work With

We work with some of the best brands in the industry!

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April 2022

Phantasma with its highly advanced, custom made and blazing fast NFT technology and standard, incorporates all the top features and needs one would require to build a high end NFT project. Phantasma benefits from advanced concepts such as infusion and NFT series, while also benefiting from Phantasma’s very low fees, coupled with a fully customizable model, making it the preferred chain to start minting NFTs.

Vincent Geneste

Creator of GhostMarket

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