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CoinGenius' NFT Day - Phantasma's Lee Kai

Aug 28th 2020: Phantasma's Lee Kai discusses the potential of NFTs to change the way we think about digital and physical ownership in CoinGenius' NFT Day Panel Debate 'Entering the World of NFTs'

Hashoshi interviews GOATi's Garth Midgley

Aug 24th 2020: Hashoshi and Garth Midgley do a deep dive into the potential of NFTs and blockchain enabled gaming, 22RS, what Phantasma offers game studios and why this makes Phantasma a perfect fit

Hashoshi reviews Phantasma

Aug 3rd 2020: Well known YouTube influencer Hashoshi explains why Phantasma is attracting dApp developers and may drive adoption of blockchain enabled gaming with its advanced NFT technology

BitBoy puts Phantasma in the spotlight!

July 31st 2020: Bitboy Crypto recently published a video in which he has Phantasma as his number one pick

CoinTelegraph reviews 22 Racing Series!

July 27th 2020: Pavillion Hub brings blockchain technology to the Steam gaming platform, and 22nd Century Racing Series is a worthy showcase of the possibilities this enables

Phantasma’s Ecto has been released!

July 18th 2020: Featuring everything you need to safely manage your assets, the Ecto Chrome extension wallet enables you to shop and transfer assets without the need for a standalone wallet — similar to Ethereum’s MetaMask extension

First ever cross-chain NFT marketplace!

July 17th 2020: Phantasma is proud to present the latest creation from our elite community developer group Ghostdevs: GhostMarket — the only cross-chain NFT marketplace in the world! Designed by NFT lovers for NFT lovers!

New partnership: Phantasma &

July 10th 2020: is a safe decentralized network built for decentralized finance - partnering up with allows Phantasma to integrate the off-chain Aleph (DeFi) database and data into Phantasma’s dApps and wallets

Pavillion online web store launched!

July 9th 2020: GOATi’s blockchain enabled, Steam integrated game platform Pavillion has just launched their online store! The Pavillion online store is available anywhere you are — perfect for users on the go or when using alternate devices at home

Cointelegraph on Phantasma, Steam & Pavillion

July 1st 2020: Cointelegraph describes Pavillion, our blockchain enabled game platform featuring Steam integration: 'Steam, but turbo-charged and blockchain-enabled' - 'Steam, but with a resale marketplace'

Steam has officially been integrated into Phantasma

June 25th 2020: GOATi Entertainment & Phantasma delivers a groundbreaking milestone for mainstream crypto gaming: Integrating Steam with blockchain through the revolutionary blockchain enabled game platform Pavillion Hub.

Phantasma joins the Blockchain Game Alliance

June 1st 2020: Joining the coalition allows Phantasma to leverage its own technology to connect with and learn from other major blockchain gaming companies, as well as onboarding new developers and games to our very own ecosystem

Crypto Crow checks out Phantasma

May 27th 2020: The famous YouTuber Crypto Crow dives into Phantasma and 22 Racing Series, delivers his verdict: 'The sky is the limit for these guys!'

Poltergeist v1.8 released

May 26th 2020: Poltergeist v1.8 - our dual Phantasma & Neo light wallet - features full NFT support, the slick custom skin Phantasia, automatic RPC selection on startup and a vast amount of other fixes & optimizations!

Chico plays 22 Racing Series

May 9th 2020: The well known YouTube influencer Chico Crypto takes his custom 22 Racing Series NFT car for a test drive and talks about Phantasma & NFTs - gives away a car live

Progress Report April 2020

April 30th 2020: The past few months have seen a multitude of optimizations, feature implementations and dApp releases - and there's more to come in the near future!

Phantasma Link is live!

April 26th 2020: The Phantasma Link dApp connector has just been released along with a significant upgrade of Poltergeist wallet in v1.7

Interview with Bill & Garth

April 26th 2020: Interview with Phantasma's Bill Petridis and Garth Midgley from GOATi entertainment about Phantasma Link, 22 Racing Series and the future!

Phantasma-Eth swaps

April 21st 2020: An introduction to Chain Swaps between Phantasma Chain and Ethereum

Pavillion has launched

April 18th 2020: Phantasma’s partner GOATi (Greatest of All Time Interactive), creators of the real time strategy racing game 22 Racing Series, has proudly released the first version of Pavillion, their hub for connecting blockchain enabled games with the major games ecosystem Steam

Live AMA

April 19th 2020: A live AMA will be held during the upcoming week. Submit your questions through 668433) and our team will be answering them live on cam! What do you wish to know?

Poltergeist v1.6 released

April 10th 2020: Poltergeist v1.6 includes copious quality of life enhancements, bug fixes and now coincides with recent chain optimization such as auto selection of RPC nodes. A light wallet for the Phantasma blockchain featuring dual Neo and Phantasma wallets

Hamburg Games Conference

March 9th 2020: The Phantasma team attended the Hamburg Games Conference, networking with indie developer teams and media platforms during the conference and talking about gaming on blockchain

Distributed RPCs live

Feb 23rd 2020: To coincide with recent speed enhancements, swapping and caching is now live on RPC, nodes. This is all part of the process of performance tuning the ecosystem

22Series NFT sale live

Feb 14th 2020: GOATi’s newly released game 22 Racing Series launches its presale on the Phantasma blockchain, allowing customers to buy game licenses, vehicles, car parts and also bid on auctions using the Phantom Wallet

SES & BP changes

Jan 25th 2020: The current maintenance is a significant one involving, among other things, the core chain code. The changes being made during this maintenance period are expected to reduce or eliminate the need for further maintenance

Progress Report Dec 2019

Dec 31st 2019: For the past months our team has been preparing the 22 Racing Series NFT sale, further optimization of the blockchain and of course developing more dApps!

Whitepaper updated

Dec 12th 2019: Our updated whitepaper has now been released - read how Phantasma has evolved

SOUL Master Rewards Change

Dec 12th 2019: Phantasma has always been listening to community feedback and carefully considered them during our internal discussions. We have decided to make a big change regarding SOUL Master rewards that will benefit all long term Phantasma supporters!

SES leaderboard event

Nov 20th 2019: SES Leaderboard Event commences: win SOUL by burning KCAL!

New additions to Phantom Force

Nov 2nd 2019: After a successful main net launch last month, it is time to introduce the first members of the Phantom Force! These members and teams have been selected through their contributions to the Phantasma ecosystem and their skills in game development

Phantasma Mainnet Launch

Oct 10th 2019: The Phantasma team is very proud to officially announce the launch of our main net. Swap NEP5 SOUL token to mainnet SOUL to stake and enjoy all the benefits of our utility coin. The launch comes packed with features - more features, dApps and games to be announced later!