CoinGenius' NFT Day - GOATi's Garth Midgley

Aug 28th 2020: GOATi's Garth Midgley shares current developments and expands on the awesome potential of NFTs in CoinGenius' NFT Day panel debate 'NFTs - Creating a New Standard'

CoinGenius' NFT Day - Phantasma's Lee Kai

Aug 28th 2020: Phantasma's Lee Kai discusses the potential of NFTs to change the way we think about digital and physical ownership in CoinGenius' NFT Day Panel Debate 'Entering the World of NFTs'

Hashoshi interviews GOATi's Garth Midgley

Aug 24th 2020: Hashoshi and Garth Midgley do a deep dive into the potential of NFTs and blockchain enabled gaming, 22RS, what Phantasma offers game studios and why this makes Phantasma a perfect fit

Hashoshi reviews Phantasma

Aug 3rd 2020: Well known YouTube influencer Hashoshi explains why Phantasma is attracting dApp developers and may drive adoption of blockchain enabled gaming with its advanced NFT technology

BitBoy puts Phantasma in the spotlight!

July 31st 2020: Bitboy Crypto recently published a video in which he has Phantasma as his number one pick

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