Hashoshi reviews Phantasma

Aug 3rd 2020: Well known YouTube influencer Hashoshi explains why Phantasma is attracting dApp developers and may drive adoption of blockchain enabled gaming with its advanced NFT technology

BitBoy puts Phantasma in the spotlight!

July 31st 2020: Bitboy Crypto recently published a video in which he has Phantasma as his number one pick

CoinTelegraph reviews 22 Racing Series!

July 27th 2020: Pavillion Hub brings blockchain technology to the Steam gaming platform, and 22nd Century Racing Series is a worthy showcase of the possibilities this enables

Phantasma’s Ecto has been released!

July 18th 2020: Featuring everything you need to safely manage your assets, the Ecto Chrome extension wallet enables you to shop and transfer assets without the need for a standalone wallet — similar to Ethereum’s MetaMask extension

First ever cross-chain NFT marketplace!

July 17th 2020: Phantasma is proud to present the latest creation from our elite community developer group Ghostdevs: GhostMarket — the only cross-chain NFT marketplace in the world! Designed by NFT lovers for NFT lovers!

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