Meet the creators of Blood Rune

Nov 25th 2020: Scott Gallagher interviews StJohn Colon and Joseph Colon from Illuminated Entertainment, creators of hybrid physical/digital NFT powered card game coming to Phantasma

Changing the game: Phantasma Smart NFTs

Nov 16th 2020: Phantasma takes NFTs to the next level with multi infusion of assets, time limited access, multiple layers, on-chain NFT memory and more - creating truly Smart NFTs!

House of NFTs: Can Crypto Save Music?

Nov 13th 2020: House of NFTs calls on artists to take ownership of their work, leveraging the power of NFTs

SOULdier Stories - E01 - Souldier Mark Twain!

Nov 13th 2020: Meet Phantasma community members and hear their amazing stories in our new series

NFTs to Change the Game

Nov 12th 2020: Cutting edge - An in depth look at the rise of true digital ownership through Non Fungible Tokens

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