Phantasma joins the Blockchain Game Alliance

June 1st 2020: Joining the coalition allows Phantasma to leverage its own technology to connect with and learn from other major blockchain gaming companies, as well as onboarding new developers and games to our very own ecosystem

Crypto Crow checks out Phantasma

May 27th 2020: The famous YouTuber Crypto Crow dives into Phantasma and 22 Racing Series, delivers his verdict: 'The sky is the limit for these guys!'

Poltergeist v1.8 released

May 26th 2020: Poltergeist v1.8 - our dual Phantasma & Neo light wallet - features full NFT support, the slick custom skin Phantasia, automatic RPC selection on startup and a vast amount of other fixes & optimizations!

Chico plays 22 Racing Series

May 9th 2020: The well known YouTube influencer Chico Crypto takes his custom 22 Racing Series NFT car for a test drive and talks about Phantasma & NFTs - gives away a car live

Progress Report April 2020

April 30th 2020: The past few months have seen a multitude of optimizations, feature implementations and dApp releases - and there's more to come in the near future!

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