Future proofing the Phantasma blockchain

Sept 25th 2020: Over the last six months the development team at Phantasma has been hard at work gradually implementing cumulative upgrades and additional functionality to future proof our blockchain

Phantasma integrates Ethereum

Sept 25th 2020: The time has come to expand Phantasma's ecosystem by integrating Ethereum, the original smart contract platform - offering a solution to some of the inherent issues of the Ethereum blockchain

Poltergeist wallet's Eth flavoured v1.9

Sept 25th 2020: The most massive collection of upgrades to Poltergeist yet. One key - three chains, cross chain compatibility Neo-Phantasma-Ethereum

Phantasma - Ethereum swap tutorial

Sept 25th 2020: Your step by step guide to easy and pain free swapping of assets between the Phantasma mainnet and the Ethereum blockchain

CoinGenius' NFT Day - GOATi's Garth Midgley

Aug 28th 2020: GOATi's Garth Midgley shares current developments and expands on the awesome potential of NFTs in CoinGenius' NFT Day panel debate 'NFTs - Creating a New Standard'

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