Quad chain interoperability

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Born on Neo, blossoming on Phantasma

We take pride in working together and expanding the Phantasma ecosystem. After initially launching as a NEP5 token on NEO while building our cutting edge blockchain, it was only natural to build a true bridge between the two chains. That is why we implemented perpetual bidirectional swapping between NEO and Phantasma. But it would be no fun if only SOUL could be swapped – and we had already built the tools. So we implemented easy swapping for NEO and GAS as well – with any other asset easily addable. This way we can allow for synergies between NEO and Phantasma based assets, through dApps and marketplaces on both chains!

Embracing Ethereum

Ethereum is the largest ecosystem of users and dApps in crypto. With its first mover advantage as a smart contract platform, it has attracted a large number of developers and projects. While we could silo off and take pride in our massive set of features, this is not a helpful approach. We want to embrace all projects and ecosystems that are worth it. And Ethereum is certainly one of them.

Recognizing Ethereum’s central position in the larger ecosystem of blockchains inspired us. Throughout large parts of 2020, we worked on expanding and generalizing our interoperability technology. Not only does Ethereum currently have a plethora of users and dApps, it also has certain limitations. Opening up Phantasma to Ethereum users allows them to bypass those limitations. NFTs minted on-demand – nested NFTs – super fast transactions times – highly affordable. With free flow of supported assets between our two chains, users can have the best of both worlds. This brings access to existing Ethereum dApps, along with all the speed and power of Phantasma. Assets can move freely between our two chains. ETH, SOUL and KCAL have already been added – stablecoins and other assets will follow.

Integrating Binance Smart Chain

The wildly popular Binance Smart Chain offers a large user base and a plethora of different projects of varying quality. Created and backed by arguable the best known crypto exchange in the world, Binance Smart Chain has been an “it” place for many in the cryptosphere over the last 1-2 years.

Being a similar chain as Ethereum, but with lower gas fees, Binance Smart Chain offers approximatsly the same capabilities and limitations as it’s older sibling. By opening up Phantasma to Binance Smart Chain developers and users, we aim to offer BSC users easy access to Phantasma, and enable them to discover all that we have to offer.

One big, happy family

We believe in the power of collaboration, in working together. That is why we are committed to gradually adding interoperability with all worthwhile chains and ecosystems. If your second favourite chain has a blossoming dApp ecosystem and solid features – we will likely integrate that too.

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