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Phantasma Chain


The Beginning

The birth of Phantasma came from seeing people share their data & content over the internet between 3rd party platforms, without having full control over it.


Nothing is free

Even though these platforms seem to be free to use, there is no such thing as a free content distribution platform. If you’re not the customer, you are the product.


You as the distributor

Imagine if there was a way for content creators and our average Joe to share their content to whoever, whenever and however they want.


Power to the user

With Phantasma, peer-to-peer distribution comes of age and puts the control back to where it belongs, in your hands. You as the creator have the power!


Phantasma dApps

Being an open source platform where developers can build different types of dApps, they can use the Phantasma Chain to create new ways of using smart contracts to store, share and access data in the blockchain.