Intuitive hub bridging the gap between mainstream gaming and blockchain. Pavillion is a one stop shop for hosting and connecting chain enabled games to private wallets via the power of Phantasma. Pavillion makes it easy for users to buy, browse, trade and access on-chain assets for hosted titles. It also features seamless connectivity of blockchain to Steam. If you are part of a developer team, apply to have your game featured on Pavillion now!

22 Racing Series

Wipeout meets Gran Turismo. The first blockchain enabled AAA game title has launched on Phantasma, bringing an intense mix of high speed, realistic physics and strategy to your gaming rig. Build custom cars from scratch or race prebuilt ones - all in game assets are NFTs on Phantasma Chain, fully tradable.

Phantom Wallet

An extended light wallet for the Phantasma blockchain featuring built in live NFT sales for games that have deployed on Phantasma, NFT auctions and an NFT marketplace for users to trade their assets.

Poltergeist Wallet

A light wallet for the Phantasma blockchain featuring dual Neo and Phantasma wallets from a single private key to facilitate quick & easy cross chain swaps along with all basic functionality.

Ghostdevs Marketplace & Dashboard

Phantasma dashboard with useful chain metrics as well as a separate NFT marketplace where users can trade their assets through Phantasma Link.

Nacho Men

Fight your way to the top in this new crypto game, Nacho Men!
Powered by the Phantasma Chain and NEO, you can trade, collect and battle with mexican wrestlers called "Luchadores". Nacho Men 2.0 coming soon!

Phantasma Mail

Phantasma Mail is a dApp that functions as an example of how users can send and receive emails to and from other Phantasma Mail users. Mainnet mail dApp coming soon!