Next-generation content distribution, using the power of the NEO blockchain.
Decentralized, fast and secure.

What is Phantasma

Relying in third party services for something as critical and personal like email is dangerous.
Companies can be hacked, bankruptcies can happen and goverment entities can force access into emails.

Phantasma brings an complete email system running in the blockchain. And the best part, it still works exactly like you expect email to work.

You are the owner

Phantasma runs on top of a crypto-wallet address, using the NEO blockchain.
You own the wallet private key, thus you own the mailbox content.

Everything is encrypted, and without the private key nobody can read it or steal it from you, not even the Phantasma developers.

Not only for email

Email in the current state is built on top of an legacy system with decades of existence. Phantasma breaks free from that system, and introduces a new protocol for content.

Here come's a new way to distribute messages, photos, invoices, movies and more!

Gateway to the outside

Unlike competitors, Phantasma mailboxes are standard email addresses, thus can communicate with email systems outside the blockchain.

Besides that, Phantasma can do more than email, so other outside systems can be potentially be connected to a Phantasma mailbox.

Powered by IPFS

Phantasma is using IPFS, a distributed file-system that we use as storage backend. The use of an out-of-chain distributed file system lets us keep the NEO blockchain free from bloat, and at the same time lets us keep the GAS cost low when interacting with smart contracts, letting us have a free and fast communication platform.

And of course, while distributed, all file content used with the Phantasma is encrypted to ensure that no one has access to it except yourself.


Here's the Phantasma demo.
It is running live on the NEO testnet, give it a try!

Try demo

Platform Roadmap

The development of the Phantasma platform will be divided into multiple phases.
This roadmap is intendend as an outline for how Phantasma intends to continue extending and expanding the platform to achieve the overall goal of decentralized communication.

  • March 2017
  • Initial R&D

    Research and development of the Phantasma protocol and Blockchain technology.

  • September 2017
  • City Of Zion Submission

    Phantasma submitted to City of Zion dApps contest.

  • November 2017
  • Competition Winners

    Winners of the City of Zion competition announced. Phantasma was one of the winners.

  • Start of second phase of development

    Development of Phantasma moves to another phase. NEP5 token integration and APIs.

  • January 2018
  • NEO Devcon

    Phantasma will be presented in NEO Devcon, at San Francisco.

  • February 2018
  • Public Announcement

    Public announcement.

The roadmap above is subject to change, according with user demand and market conditions.

Our Team

Sérgio Flores

Co-Founder / Engineer

Miguel Ferreira

Co-Founder / Engineer

Sérgio Pereira

Economist / Business

Alexandre Paixão

Marketing Director

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